Bar that served this drunk mass shooter is being sued by families of his victims

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The AR-15 assault rifle is commonly used in mass shootings in the United States. Here’s a closer look at likely reasons why. By The Texas bartender who served alcohol to a man who went and killed.

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TABC says a bartender there served Hight while he was drunk. Families of the victims of the Plano, Texas mass shooting perpetrated by Spencer Hight are suing the Local Public House, a bar that he.

 · The law is such a miraculous thing: all at once so malleable and so rigid. Prosecutors were willing to engineer sweetheart deals for rapists like Schneider and Anderson, and yet prosecutors were unwilling to acknowledge Brown’s humanity despite her being an abused 16-year-old girl being.

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Some of the families are suing the estate of the shooter’s mother which I suppose is reasonable enough. They’re also suing the Sheriff who froze up at But why sue the Sneads? They took in a kid they perceived as being in crisis (as well as being a friend of their own son) who had just been left.

Mass shootings, 8chan deplatforming, and other news – By now you have probably heard about several mass shootings, allegedly performed by evil white conservative men..

40,000 people die in auto-related incidents each year. Not 17. And these deaths include men, women, children, and every other category you wish to pander to. If the news were to cover it all, and cover it as sensationally as they do mass shootings, then people like you would no doubt be demanding an end to freedom of travel.

Lately, Clarke has been focused on what he calls “the myth of mass incarceration,” warning that recent efforts by some of his fellow conservatives. and beans served to inmates being disciplined.

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“David is being treated at Clinica Abel Gonzalez in Santo Domingo where he is recovering after surgery.” Two other people were wounded in the shooting. region’s second president after his uncle.