Accessing nature’s treasure trove of biosensors

Accessing nature’s treasure trove of biosensors Keyword: -Biosensors, Principle, Types and Applications. 1. INTRODUCTION A biosensor is an analytical device which converts a biological response into an electrical signal (fig. 1).

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The findings in Nature are theoretical and, as physicist Alex Zunger points out in a Comment, many such materials might be difficult to synthesize, or could turn out not to have the predicted.

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Keyword: -Biosensors, Principle, Types and Applications. 1. INTRODUCTION A biosensor is an analytical device which converts a biological response into an electrical signal (Fig. 1). The term ‘biosensor’ is often used to cover sensor devices used in order to determine the concentration of substances and other

4 1 Amperometric Biosensors The choice of the biological recognition element is the crucial decision that is taken when developing a novel biosensor design. It is important to de ne criteria for, for example, a suitable redox enzyme for a speci c biosensor. Most impor-tantly, the enzyme needs to selectively react with the analyte of interest.

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patients themselves should be able to use biosensors in the monitoring of a clinical condition, such as diabetes. It is probably true that the major biosensor market may be found where an immediate assay is required. If the costs of laboratory instrument maintenance are included, then low-cost biosensor devices can be desirable in the

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biosensors for various purposes the time has come to bring this technology to the forefront and make it commercially available [12-14]. Efforts and funds need to be mobilized to manufacture biosensors on a large scale so as to benefit and be of use to the general public. With exposure to

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